November 17, 2022

Where oh Where is my Kern’s Carousel?

We have heard from long-time residents that Kern’s Bakery brings warm (and good-smelling) memories to mind. One of those memories is the traveling carousel that brought kids joy. Decrepit in the old Kern’s building, the iconic carousel has gone missing. 

Kern’s Bakery is offering $500 in Kern’s Bakery Food Hall gift cards to the person who returns or can provide physical proof and address of the beloved carousel. 

The historic carousel is a local icon and just we want to preserve and revive the building, we commit to restore the carousel and allow kids to enjoy it once again. Upon its return, there will be no questions asked and we will happily provide the “steward of the carousel” $500 in gift cards for the Kern’s Bakery Food Hall when it opens in 2023. Email us any leads to the missing Kern’s carousel. Of course, email us any fun photos you may have of the carousel and we will post them on social media.