South Knoxville's most comfortable gathering place.

A slice of history

An active bread factory for almost one hundred years, Kern’s Bakery is a bustling marketplace where you can break bread, seek rejuvenation, enjoy entertainment and engage with community.

Kern’s History

Original Kern's Bakery Building

Experience Kern’s Bakery

Our carefully-crafted mix of uses ensures a slice of life for everyone.

  • apartment homes (now open)
  • food hall
  • specialty retail
  • workspaces
  • entertainment areas
  • hotel


A 16-acre mixed-use development, Kern’s Bakery is located in New South Waterfront District, just over the Henley Street Bridge from downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee campus. The nationally registered historic 75,000-square foot building will be transformed to an adventurous destination.

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